Judicial Officials (Skagit/ Whatcom)

David Svaren, Judge Skagit County Superior Court
Dave Needy, Judge Skagit County Superior Court
Thomas Verge, Judge Skagit County District Court
Michael Moynihan, Judge Whatcom County Superior Court (ret’d)
Dave Grant, Judge Whatcom County District Court
Matthew Elich, Judge Whatcom County District Court
Fred Heydrich, Commissioner, Whatcom County Superior Court
Anthony Parise, Commissioner Whatcom County District Court
Terrance Lewis, Judge Ferndale and Lynden Municipal Courts

Judicial Officials (other jurisdictions)

Scott Bergstedt, Judge Colgate Municipal Court (ret’d)
Mary W. Brucker, Judge King County Superior Court (ret’d)
John Doherty, Judge Clallam County District Court
Noah Harrison, Commissioner Jefferson County District Court
Bill Hawkins, Judge Island County District Court
Tim Jenkins, Judge Sumner Municipal Court
Michael Lambo, Judge Kirkland Municipal Court
Glenn Phillips, Judge Kent Municipal Court
Kevin Ringus, Judge Fife Municipal Court
Philip Van de Veer, Judge Pend Oreille County District Court

Law Enforcement

Will Reichardt, Skagit County Sheriff
Don McDermott, Skagit County Sheriff-Elect
Bill Elfo, Whatcom County Sheriff
Lin Tucker, Sedro-Woolley Police Chief
John Small, Law Enforcement Officer
Mike Luvera, Law Enforcement Officer
Jerrad Ely, Law Enforcement Officer
Mike Marker, Law Enforcement Officer
Brad Holmes, Law Enforcement Officer
Tobin Meyer, Law Enforcement Officer
Jenny Sheahan-Lee, Law Enforcement Officer
Mike Hansen, Law Enforcement Officer
Bonnie Bowers, Anacortes Police Chief (ret’d)
Bud Bowers, Burlington Police Chief (ret’d)
Bill Van Wieringen, Burlington Police Chief (ret’d)
Doug Wood, Sedro-Woolley Police Chief (ret’d)
Rick Balam, Swinomish Police Chief (ret’d)
Tom Lazaron, Sedro-Woolley Police Officer (ret’d)
Steve Blasdell, Burlington Police Officer (ret’d)
Mark Shipman, Mount Vernon Police Sergeant (ret’d)
Jeff Nelson, (former) Mount Vernon Police Sergeant, current fire fighter


Rich Weyrich, Skagit County Prosecuting Attorney
Dave McEachran, Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney
Mark Roe, Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney
Greg Banks, Island County Prosecuting Attorney

Elected officials

State Senator Keith Wagoner
State Senator Guy Palumbo
Katie Jungquist, Skagit County Treasurer
Dave Thomas, Skagit County Tax Assessor
Julia Johnson, Mayor of Sedro-Woolley
Jared Couch, Sedro-Woolley City Council
Steve Sexton, Mayor of Burlington
Rick DeGloria, Burlington City Council, Ward 3
Edie Edmundson, Elected Official
Ryan Walters, Anacortes City Council
Mary Hudson, Elected Official
Scott McMullen, Mount Vernon City Council (former), current firefighter
Jeri Kaufman, Hospital District 304 Commissioner
Jerry Kaufman, Port of Skagit Commissioner (former)


Jim Anderson, ret’d
David Bratz
Laura Minton Breckenridge

Craig Cammock
Justin Campbell
Pat Eason
Merrilee Harrell
Gabe Harrison
Will Honea
Douglas Hyldahl
Paul Luvera, ret’d

Melinda Miller
Paul Nielsen
Doug Owens
Chris Pollino
Eric Richey
Kelly Vomacka
Julie Walters
David Yamashita, ret’d
Jon Yousling

Professionals who have worked with Rosemary

Byron Manering, Executive Director Brigid Collins
Veronica Lopez, Skagit County Child Advocacy Center Director
Kate Bennett, Director of local nonprofit
Heidi Roy, Executive Director of local nonprofit
Patti Toth, Former Director of the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse; Former President of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children; current expert in Child Abuse Investigation training
Pam Springer, Skagit County District Court Administrator (ret’d)
Courtney Long, Forensic Child Interviewer
Kathy Balam, Social Worker (ret’d)
Joan Gaasland-Smith, Sex Assault Case Specialist (ret’d)

Community Members

Jana and Matt Bouzek, Bow
Heather Brennan, Anacortes
Jess Brown, Anacortes
Madelyn and Phil Case, Anacortes
Mary June Curtis, Mount Vernon
Rosette Dawson, Anacortes
Linda Dobbs, Anacortes
Jason Easton, Anacortes
Jim English, Anacortes
Alma Garibay, La Conner
Susan and Walter Guterbock, Anacortes
Dr. Timothy Howland, Sedro-Woolley
Charlie Jensen, Sedro-Woolley
Lucia Morici Larkin, Mount Vernon
Beth Luvera, Mount Vernon
Christine Luvera, Burlington
William Maikai, Mount Vernon
Debbie McGrath, Mount Vernon
Lucy and Phil McLaughlin, Mount Vernon
John Milnor, Mount Vernon
Holly Nielsen, Burlington
Anita Ordonez, Mount Vernon
Dawn and Jaime Rood, Alger
Lynnette Setmire, Anacortes
Tricia Sharp, Anacortes
Betta Spinelli, Mount Vernon
Jon Stables, Anacortes
Stefania Strzyzynski, Mount Vernon
Barbara Sutton, Anacortes
Lisa Svaren, Mount Vernon
Hilda Maria Valdespino, Burlington
Norm and Jan Vigre, Anacortes
Sarah Ward, La Conner


Mount Vernon Police Services Guild
Washington State Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 18
Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs
Skagit County Prosecutors Guild
Washington State Farm Bureau